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Kristy Sweetland, MA ACC
A Mediocre Life. 7 clues we're living it.
Kristy Sweetland, MA ACC  2016-09-20 11:48:16
How do you know you’re living a mediocre life? To be mediocre has nothing to do with anything material. It’s not about money earned, or how many German cars are parked in the driveway. The only reason I even associate the two he [more...]
Lauretta Zucchetti, MATP
The Perfect Day: Centering Practices to Transform Your Day
Lauretta Zucchetti, MATP  2016-09-20 02:48:56
Creativity. Well-being. Happiness. Spiritual wholeness. Peace. We all strive to attain these, but how do we go about achieving them?   Aiming for these states of mind gives focus, depth, and texture to my days when I’m at home. It’s [more...]
Patty Kogutek, Ed.D
Indigestion or Message from God?
Patty Kogutek, Ed.D  2016-09-19 15:30:27
Your Stomach Ache May Not Be Indigestion! Do you listen to your gut feel? Do you stand firm on your intuition or do you let “outside” sources drag you away from your intended flight path? The movie, Sully, with Tom Hanks is not only a gre [more...]
Seven Sisters Mystery School
Our Wombs & ET Disclosure
Seven Sisters Mystery School  2016-09-18 04:00:31
Dear Community, Seven Sisters Mystery School officially turned 4 on Sept 15! We’re celebrating with a slightly new look to our ezine and web headers, thanks to gorgeous photos by Irene Young and lovely graphics by Mariah Lander. Here&rsq [more...]
Lisa Michele Fonseca, MBA, MTP
Incredible, Wonderful You!
Lisa Michele Fonseca, MBA, MTP  2016-09-14 12:56:26
Probably the greatest blows to our self-confidence are self-inflicted.  Our friends would never tell us, “Sheesh, you’re SO stupid!”  Our family would never say, “Ugh, you look awful.” or “Who would want [more...]
Carl McColman, MA
Who's Your Favorite Mystic? Here's a Book to Help You Find Out
Carl McColman, MA  2016-09-14 07:00:21
I’m happy to announce that my latest book — Christian Mystics: 108 Seers, Saints and Sages — has been published. The first printing has been delivered to my publisher’s warehouse, and they are now in the process of being [more...]
Magdalen Bowyer, MA, RPC, CEC
The Season of Change
Magdalen Bowyer, MA, RPC, CEC  2016-09-10 13:20:03
How willing are you to listen to your intuition and act on it without hesitation? It’s an interior skill, to be sure. And one that I seem to be getting the hang of because Life insists on moving me forward even when — and maybe especially [more...]
Laurie Dupar, RN, MCC
How Good of a "Relaxer" are You?
Laurie Dupar, RN, MCC  2016-09-01 05:00:14
Ok, I’ll admit it…I don’t relax very well. In fact the thought of not “doing” something is a bit terrifying to me.  If I had to use a metaphor to describe myself, I would say I am like that big pink Energizer Bunn [more...]
Dr. Rosie Kuhn
Parent Like a Guru Introduction
Dr. Rosie Kuhn  2016-08-27 05:25:04
Parent Like a Guru was initially created as a series of video-blogs produced in the winter of 2015. It was a shortened version of the book: Cultivating Spirituality in Children: 101 Ways to Make Every Child’s Spirit Soar. I wanted to provide a [more...]
Heather Markel
What's Your Purpose?
Heather Markel  2016-08-23 06:53:49
In the past few weeks, everyone I talk to seems to be introspectively considering what their purpose is. It’s not a new discussion. I’m sure we all think about this, but it seems to be gaining radical momentum, at least with the entrepren [more...]
Joan Jerkovich, BCC
5 Ways "Thinking Outside The Box" Works, 5 Ways It Doesn't
Joan Jerkovich, BCC  2016-08-18 09:30:32
We’ve all heard the saying “think outside the box”, but what does it really mean? Does it work? Thinking outside the box is a way to bring new, creative ideas to any project or goal. It’s a way to push your limits. It’s [more...]
Dr. Nikki Noce, M.D.
7 Reasons to Connect With Your Ancestors
Dr. Nikki Noce, M.D.  2016-07-20 09:06:44
Though wisdom is not measured in Earth years, great insight is received when we connect with our ancestors. Today, many of our elders are cast aside and put into nursing homes to waste the rest of their days away. During ancient times, as well as in [more...]
Dr Barbara Lavi
The Wake Up and Dream Catalyst: The Power of One Positive Thought
Dr Barbara Lavi  2016-07-12 06:56:00
            Here's another shared post from my blog, where I share simple easy recipes to enhance your relationships.      Today's recipe is slightly different. Current research in psycholo [more...]
Catherine Auman, LMFT
Learning French
Catherine Auman, LMFT  2016-07-07 10:00:31
People who grow up in difficult families miss learning some of life’s most basic skills. In homes where physical abuse is present, for example, children often don’t grow up with the understanding that their bodies deserve respect. If the [more...]
Janelle Alex, Ph.D.
Moving from Chaos to Clarity in Life & Relationships
Janelle Alex, Ph.D.  2016-06-22 10:33:13
CASE NOTES: Moving from Chaos to Clarity in Life & Relationships   w/ Special Forces Guest Alex Bratty Author of Chaos to Clarity Book Description: A must-read for anyone who is in transition, facing major life choices, or feeling frustrate [more...]
Bill Epperly, PhD
Mindfulness Saved My Life
Bill Epperly, PhD  2016-06-04 17:44:24
Mindfulness Saved My Life (Again) It’s a few minutes before 10pm and all the parking spaces in front of my condo are taken. I drive around the block and park two blocks away. Getting out of the car, I dissolve into the quiet evening air. I smil [more...]
Karen Erlichman, MSS, LCSW
Workshops and Events
Karen Erlichman, MSS, LCSW  2016-05-19 14:38:03
Over the next 6 months I plan to offer some new workshops and events in person as well as online. For example this fall I will be co-leading a workshop… Read More [more...]
Annette Wagner, MA
Opening Closing
Annette Wagner, MA  2016-03-11 09:05:18
Yellow blossoms Opening to the wind and the sun Stretching out Embracing the elements Gathering in what is needed Closing back up again. Prints and originals at Annette Wagner Art [more...]
Gail Tucker Whipple MTP ACC
How Soft Skills Can Conquer A Hard World
Gail Tucker Whipple MTP ACC  2015-10-17 17:01:43
Life, Death, Luck, LoveContinue reading on Medium » [more...]

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