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Yvonne Clark Serocki, Ph.D, R.N.
Nature of God!!
Yvonne Clark Serocki, Ph.D, R.N.  2015-07-29 08:42:14
God’s nature is Love, Spirit, Truth and Light! God is Light and in him there is no darkness at all! God’s nature is perfect love that casts out all fear! Our only commandment in the new covenant of perfect oneness with God, intimate rela [more...]
Kristy Sweetland, MA ACC
My horrible and awesome, very strange summer of acceptance
Kristy Sweetland, MA ACC  2015-07-28 16:16:43
  It’s been the strangest summer on record. On the one hand it’s been one of the most fun. Some great travel, some cherished friends visiting, beautiful weather and the hummingbirds are off the chart. On the other hand, I’m fac [more...]
TheBullBuster, ACC
Today's Lie: Your Business Cards Are Great For Getting Business
TheBullBuster, ACC  2015-07-28 04:34:42
Today’s blog comes from getting absolutely frustr […] [more...]
Carl McColman, MA
Carl McColman, MA  2015-07-27 18:30:00
One of C.S. Lewis’s last, and best, books was called The Four Loves. Drawing from four different Greek words for love, the book celebrates affection, friendship, eros, and charity and considers the moral, ethical, and spiritual dynamics at [more...]
Lauretta Zucchetti, MATP
new post
Lauretta Zucchetti, MATP  2015-07-27 06:32:51
Happiness Delivered Daily: 7 Ways to Start Each Day wit […] [more...]
Dr. Nikki Noce, M.D.
Insight at 30: 12 Wisdoms Gained in the Solitude of Nature
Dr. Nikki Noce, M.D.  2015-07-25 13:58:25
This week I turned 30 years young. Life is truly amazing. I feel like a different person. And despite all the wonderful experiences thus far, I feel as though life has just begun.My 20s were a time for exploration and self discovery–touching al [more...]
Seven Sisters Mystery School
Is the Fruit of Your Womb Aligned 7 Generations Forward? Inspired thot's from Ontario
Seven Sisters Mystery School  2015-07-23 21:08:39
Several weeks ago, I sat on sacred Mohawk land on the shores of Lake Ontario, meditating on words of the Great Peacemaker of the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois), a man born in the very vicinity of where I perched: “Look & listen for the welfa [more...]
Catherine Auman, LMFT
What Are the Causes of Lifelong Depression?
Catherine Auman, LMFT  2015-07-23 10:00:56
Some unfortunate people suffer from depression all their lives. There may be a sneaking suspicion it’s their fault in some way, which is not true. Lifelong (chronic) depression is an illness that can be as debilitating as heart disease, and if [more...]
Janelle Alex, Ph.D.
Inspire His Desire
Janelle Alex, Ph.D.  2015-07-23 00:33:52
Inspire His Desire CASE NOTES:  Special Forces Guests: Susie + Otto Collins, Breakthrough Relationship Coaches Key Points:
  • What is the Crave Factor?
  • Results from recent survey of women over 50 – what did Susie + Otto dis [more...]
Patty Kogutek, Ed.D
Are You Investing Your Time Wisely?
Patty Kogutek, Ed.D  2015-07-21 08:01:39
We all need returns on our investments. Return on Inves […] [more...]
Laurie Dupar, RN, MCC
Laurie Dupar, RN, MCC  2015-07-20 07:38:58
Joe was stuck.  He was overwhelmed.  He was worried about keeping his job.  And he was tired.  He worked hard all day, barely taking time for lunch at his desk, and got to the end of the day with only a fraction of his work comple [more...]
Annette Wagner, MA
Expectation is a trap I set for myself.
Annette Wagner, MA  2015-07-18 10:11:32
Fallen Angel by Annette Wagner. Watercolor and sumi-e ink. Expectation is a pinnacle point of achievement. A place far beyond where I live – always. I know this pattern well. It was conditioned into me as a child through the teachings of a fath [more...]
Faith Freed, MACP
Faith Freed, MACP  2015-07-14 13:49:53
There are many things that can get in the way of self-actualization. Real world stuff, like earning a living, parenting responsibilities and health concerns can be obstacles on your quest to be your personal best. While there are valid [more...]
Joan Jerkovich, BCC
9 Dangerous Clues That Your Boyfriend's Female Friend Is MORE Than "JUST A FRIEND"
Joan Jerkovich, BCC  2015-06-24 15:31:43
Even if your boyfriend has reassured you over and over again that his female friend is “just a friend”, there may be clues that their relationship skirts the danger zone of becoming something more. 1. He talks glowingly about her When he [more...]
Karen Erlichman, MSS, LCSW
From Grief to Wholeness
Karen Erlichman, MSS, LCSW  2015-06-03 17:57:49
Grief is the great equalizer. None of us is immune from it. Every single human being experiences loss of some kind. The loss of a beloved. The ego is stripped away and we are left, literally left, feeling raw and without moorings. And then gradually, [more...]
Dr Barbara Lavi
The Ron Clark Academy - Kids who enjoy going to school (CNN)
Dr Barbara Lavi  2015-05-31 15:59:00
Here's a great initiative to bring joy and enthusiasm back into our children's lives. It reminds me more of what my experience was like at camp every summer. Those summer experiences helped me become a socially conscious person and a leader. I would [more...]
Lisa Michele Fonseca, MBA, MTP
Ho Hum… Just Another Beautiful Day
Lisa Michele Fonseca, MBA, MTP  2015-05-21 19:57:45
The weather in Hawaii doesn’t change much.  Yes, we have hurricanes and tropical storms, high winds and high surf… but more often than not, we have beautiful blue skies, comfortable temperatures and even if it rains, we call it &ldq [more...]
Kim Illig
Learning to Set Your Personal Boundaries
Kim Illig  2015-05-20 09:28:30
Ideally, personal boundaries are limits that you set intentionally which then allows for the healthy receiving of input from others. Boundaries define the parts of your life experiences or your relationships that you are willing or are not willing t [more...]
Gail Tucker Whipple MTP ACC
How to give peace a fighting chance.
Gail Tucker Whipple MTP ACC  2015-04-28 19:37:18
“Where was the peace when we were getting shot? Where’s the peace when we were getting laid out?Continue reading on Medium » [more...]
Magdalen Bowyer, MA, RPC, CEC
Be Emotionally Deliberate & Diligent
Magdalen Bowyer, MA, RPC, CEC  2015-03-11 19:30:16
Goddess on the Rocks (Gustave Moreau, 1890) There is a Creator, a Source from which you have sprung. The moment you were born, your life began to build momentum. This momentum is continually building on itself. Life is built. Let your thoughts, emoti [more...]

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