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Catherine Auman, LMFT
Our Brains are Starving
Catherine Auman, LMFT  2016-04-28 10:00:02
The rate of depression increased every year of the last decade after showing a dramatic spike upward in the 1990s. According to the 2011 report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, eleven percent of Americans are taking antidepressant [more...]
Janelle Alex, Ph.D.
How to Turn Your Mate Into Your Soulmate
Janelle Alex, Ph.D.  2016-04-27 10:33:03
CASE NOTES: How to Turn Your Mate Into Your Soulmate   w/ Special Forces Guest Arielle Ford – Love & Relationship Expert KEY POINTS:
  • Arielle believes that before “giving up” on a long term relationship it’s p [more...]
Patty Kogutek, Ed.D
How to Turn Chaos to Calm
Patty Kogutek, Ed.D  2016-04-26 09:55:28
Does your mind create the chaos of negativity? “How stupid of me!” “ I should have known better.” “What an idiot!” Do any of these remarks sound like the negative tape that sometimes plays in your head? We chastise [more...]
Heather Markel
Lessons From Leaning In To Pain
Heather Markel  2016-04-26 06:52:02
A recent massage had me meditatively reflecting on pain.  See, I have a LOT of knots in my shoulders.  In fact, my masseuse said I gave her a full day’s work in just an hour.    When she worked the knots out, I was in tremen [more...]
Magdalen Bowyer, MA, RPC, CEC
The Trouble Your Caregiver Can Get You Into!
Magdalen Bowyer, MA, RPC, CEC  2016-04-24 20:11:52
ASK MAGI Q: Dear Magi, I really love someone who gets me on a deep emotional level and is sexually compatible. The problem is, we will never be in a traditional escalating relationship because he struggles with mental illness which in turn, creates l [more...]
Lauretta Zucchetti, MATP
3 Tips to Feel Calm and Centered In the Times of Change
Lauretta Zucchetti, MATP  2016-04-24 04:13:27
  Greetings! If your life is anything like mine, the only constancy in your world—as the cliché goes—is change. To be alive is to know grief coupled with joy, pain paired with beauty, anger laced with clemency. There’s v [more...]
Seven Sisters Mystery School
Signs of Cyber-Addiction & What to Do About It
Seven Sisters Mystery School  2016-04-23 21:07:00
Breaking Free of Techno Control This is a big topic, bigger than most of us realize. Electronic devices cyber realities are beginning to change our neural pathways run our lives in major ways, and this is as much a spiritual issue as it is a health i [more...]
Yvonne Clark Serocki, Ph.D, R.N.
Amazing Love!
Yvonne Clark Serocki, Ph.D, R.N.  2016-04-23 08:39:45
There is always more with God our Father! Just a taste of his Goodness is sometimes more than we can bear, because it is so exponentially greater than any good in the world! Father, increase our capacity to hold more of your Love! Our Father’s [more...]
Dr. Nikki Noce, M.D.
The Greatest Love
Dr. Nikki Noce, M.D.  2016-04-16 22:58:26
Everyday I am learning to love more.  I am a Love Ambassador. Not because I am the perfect example of love in every moment. Rather, because I am committed to a life filled with love. Both giving and receiving love.  I am human. I [more...]
Laurie Dupar, RN, MCC
ADHD Dreams, Purpose Hunting and Passion
Laurie Dupar, RN, MCC  2016-04-04 08:55:16
Day-in and day-out, I talk to people living with ADHD who want to find their life purpose. The reason, goal or motivation that will be the answer to them experiencing a fulfilling and satisfying life. It’s universal to want to have a sense of [more...]
Kristy Sweetland, MA ACC
Emerging From Hibernation. Knowing Our Cycles.
Kristy Sweetland, MA ACC  2016-03-29 12:10:31
If there is one thing I can always count on in my life, it’s that every Jan/Feb/March I will, like the very best of bears, go into a deep dark hibernation that not even the memory of the ripest, juiciest summer raspberries can coax me out of. S [more...]
Carl McColman, MA
This Silent Blog is Going Silent (But Only Until Pentecost)
Carl McColman, MA  2016-03-23 08:59:34
I hope you have had a wonderful and prayerful Lent, and that your Holy Week is likewise a time for reflection and contemplative waiting. Here’s looking forward to Easter — and the Easter season. May it be filled with joy, warmth, and plen [more...]
Annette Wagner, MA
Opening Closing
Annette Wagner, MA  2016-03-11 09:05:18
Yellow blossoms Opening to the wind and the sun Stretching out Embracing the elements Gathering in what is needed Closing back up again. Prints and originals at Annette Wagner Art [more...]
Dr. Rosie Kuhn
Am I Worthy of My Own Expression?
Dr. Rosie Kuhn  2016-03-07 12:10:29
For the past few weeks I’ve been struggling with more angst, worry and sadness than usual. I rarely go to menopause as the reason for these shifts in my emotional state. Though hormones can cause emotional shifts, rarely am I affected that way. [more...]
Karen Erlichman, MSS, LCSW
Showing Up
Karen Erlichman, MSS, LCSW  2016-02-23 16:43:09
What does it mean to be show up and be present? This is the topic of my guest blog post this week for the Center for Courage and Renewal. It was a daunting task to describe as thoroughly as possible the inner and outer work needed in order to show up [more...]
Dr Barbara Lavi
Motivational Monday: Is The Key To Happiness Hiding In Your Closet
Dr Barbara Lavi  2016-02-01 08:16:00
Is The Key To Happiness Hiding In Your Closet?Thought for the Day: I never cease to be in awe of the creative process. Inspiration often comes in strange ways. Today's post proves that even mundane chores or tasks we dislike can be inspiring. I've a [more...]
Bill Epperly, PhD
Resolutions from the Heart
Bill Epperly, PhD  2016-01-02 10:29:54
This year, I want to spend more time on what really brings me joy and on projects that are so exciting they terrify me. I’m going to “go for the jugular,” as Natalie Goldberg puts it in her coaching to writers, by pursuing ideas tha [more...]
Joan Jerkovich, BCC
Start The New Year With Gratitude
Joan Jerkovich, BCC  2015-12-31 10:54:17
Gratitude is expressing thanks. This can be done internally in quiet moments of prayer, or meditation, or it can be spread out in to the world. Either way, to express thanks, can be the basis from which to live your best life. As we begin another New [more...]
Gail Tucker Whipple MTP ACC
How Soft Skills Can Conquer A Hard World
Gail Tucker Whipple MTP ACC  2015-10-17 17:01:43
Life, Death, Luck, LoveContinue reading on Medium » [more...]
Kim Illig
Energy Hygiene Online Session
Kim Illig  2015-10-13 11:16:31
Click on a video below to play  Energy Hygiene Online Session Relaxing Body Scan [more...]

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