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Magdalen Bowyer, MA, RPC, CEC
The Ultimate Immune System
Magdalen Bowyer, MA, RPC, CEC  2014-07-23 15:56:48
Hygeia, Goddess of Health (Peter Paul Rubens, 1615) Our inner life is intimately connected to our health. And it is up to each one of us to learn to manage our inner life. It requires self-examination. The willingness to reflex in on oneself while as [more...]
Gail Tucker Whipple MTP ACC
Finding peace at Cedar Point.
Gail Tucker Whipple MTP ACC  2014-07-23 14:58:27
I’m at Cedar Point Amusement Park in Ohio with my elder brother Phil who was born with a cognitive disability. I’ve spent more than half a…Continue reading on Medium » [more...]
Yvonne Clark Serocki R.N., Ph.D.
Heart Sense
Yvonne Clark Serocki R.N., Ph.D.  2014-07-23 10:36:41
It is time to shift from a questioning mind to a knowing heart. If you try to solve a problem or get an answer to a perplexing question, it is better to drop out of the circling monkey mind and enter the still, calm, deep lake of our innermost heart [more...]
Dr Barbara Lavi
Wednesday's Words of Wisdom: Can Mothers Bring Peace to the Middle East?
Dr Barbara Lavi  2014-07-23 08:05:00
Thought for the Day: The war in the Middle East rages on and with each day the tragic loss of life increases. Pacifism and optimism don't seem to coexist in that area of the world. I am saddened by the senseless loss of life on both sides. I wish I [more...]
Today's Lie: It's One and Done
TheBullBuster  2014-07-22 05:58:34
When it comes to marketing, many of you know it probabl […] [more...]
Events this week 7/21-7/27
nancynicholas  2014-07-21 06:08:02
Good Morning! My husband and I are in the middle of a complete overhaul of our home.  Both our boys are now living on different sides of the country, so we decided to clear the unneeded and unwanted out of our home, paint and bring in some new t [more...]
Lisa Michele Fonseca, MBA, MTP
Get Real
Lisa Michele Fonseca, MBA, MTP  2014-07-16 16:10:17
People seem to get so caught up in the “reality” of their lives – they view it as all important and as a statement of who they are. But as Esther & Jerry Hicks point out, when your car’s gas… The post Get Real appea [more...]
Seven Sisters Mystery School
Taking Today's Women Prophets Seriously - My Experience in UK
Seven Sisters Mystery School  2014-07-14 15:04:16
PLUS hear me speak on what it means to be a priestess, live call Mon Jul 14, 2014 It’s been said that “no man is a prophet in his own country,” and, for women, that has at times extended to the entire planet. It’s time now for [more...]
Jessica Ruby Hernandez, M.A.
Busy vs. Lazy…Why Do We Do That?
Jessica Ruby Hernandez, M.A.  2014-07-12 02:09:41
Here’s the deal: we all self-sabotage at times in our lives, and some more than others. And before you start to point fingers, remember that it’s way easier to see other people’s faults than your own. So, instead, let’s [more...]
Dr. Cynthia
Live Your Healthiest Summer Ever!
Dr. Cynthia  2014-07-11 18:35:44
Ten Simple Summer Health Tips By Brenda Morales Summer is officially here! Did you know that summer is the healthiest season there is? In the longer and warmer days of summer we tend to slow down the stresses of our busy lives and for most of us lif [more...]
Joan Jerkovich
Hoarders Who Think They're Just Collectors, What is the Difference?
Joan Jerkovich  2014-07-10 09:29:34
A collector:
  • Takes pride in their possessions
  • Experiences joy in displaying their collections
  • Enjoys talking about their collectables
  • Keeps their collected items well organized and displayed
  • Feels satisfied [more...]
Dr. Rosie Kuhn
I May Have to Get a Job
Dr. Rosie Kuhn  2014-07-10 08:28:03
  Its easy to judge and assess success and failure based on a context that limits perception of potentiality and possibility. It takes daring to keep your eyes wide open when you take that step into what seems [more...]
Laurie Dupar
Avoiding ADHD Insanity
Laurie Dupar  2014-07-09 11:16:04
Albert Einstein once said…”Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Sound familiar? For instance, have you been trying the same strategies to get out the door on time, but constantly arri [more...]
Kristy Sweetland
Surrender, White-Water Rapids Style
Kristy Sweetland  2014-07-07 10:48:06
My husband and I took an incredible all-day river rafting trip yesterday, through the Rio Grande Gorge, in the Taos area of northern New Mexico. It was so incredible, I just can’t stop thinking about it. Six hours of beautiful seclusion within [more...]
Lauretta Zucchetti, MA, Transpersonal Psychology
7 Tips for Taming Your Gremlin
Lauretta Zucchetti, MA, Transpersonal Psychology  2014-07-05 14:22:28
  It never leaves me alone. Wherever I go, no matter what I do or what time of the year it is, it is always by my side, ordering, nagging, criticizing, scolding, disapproving and ultimately making my life miserable. If I work, I am not working h [more...]
Janelle Alex, Ph.D.
Feel Guilty Making Money?
Janelle Alex, Ph.D.  2014-07-04 08:46:00
Sometimes people actually end up feeling guilty because they get paid to do what they love!  Yes, it is true.  I admit that that seems a little odd to me.  Being an entrepreneur since I was 19 and earning 90% of my lifelong income doin [more...]
Dr. Nikki Noce, M.D.
Labels Shmabels. There are more than 50 shades of Gray.
Dr. Nikki Noce, M.D.  2014-07-01 16:13:32
Labels place us in neat, constricting boxes—Black, White, Christian, Hindu, Gay, Straight, Married, Single, Male, Female, Womanizer, Romantic, blah, blah, and so the labels continue on. But there are more than 50 shades of gray, and in reality [more...]
Marie Ktitareff
Tip of the day
Marie Ktitareff  2014-06-26 16:14:55
If your chakras are closed, you can work on them after a short meditation. Eyes closed, breathe and visualize them one by one (color, shape, etc...) starting with the 1st one. In your mind's eye, see it open and spinning clockwise. Feel the vibration [more...]
Patty Kogutek
"What's Your Guilty Pleasure"? Spiritual Life Coaching Blog
Patty Kogutek  2014-06-24 10:26:35
“What’s Your Guilty Pleasure”?  Spiritual Life Coaching Blog By Patty Kogutek You know what brings on most everyday guilt?  Food!  We are bombarded from every angle, from health industry to the media marketers” [more...]
Stephen Hercy
Strength training for good posture
Stephen Hercy  2014-06-22 12:21:28
Strength training for good posture Behind the scene of Stephen Hercy’s Body Design Formula Part 2 The three foundational pillars that differentiate the Body Design Formula Strength Training System from other fitness modalities, have guaranteed [more...]

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