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"Two things must be distinguished in consciousness; first, the fact that I know; secondly, what I know. In self consciousness these are merged in one; for spirit knows itself."
( Hegel )

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The richness of our community includes philosophers, educators and practitioners, in the fields of health, wellness, spirituality, religion, consciousness, psychology, sociology, and human development. It includes those who help bring our awareness into greater alignment with our essential nature, encompassing the transcendent and imminent aspects of our beingness. It includes change agents, transformational catalysts and intentional communities that guide us on our path toward wholeness.



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Featured Article
Is Fight or Flight the Natural Instinctive Response to Stress?
Dr Barbara Lavi
Classical research was based on putting males under extreme stress in dangerous situations. Until 13 years ago, no one bothered to look at how females respond to stress.
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Featured Book

Coaching to the Human Soul
Alan Sieler

This book is a must read for any serious student of Ontological Coaching. It provides comprehensive coverage of what is probably the world's most advanced approach to Executive Coaching and Life Coaching.

Ontological Coaching and Deep Change.

How Soft Skills Can Conquer A Hard World

Gail Tucker Whipple MTP ACC
My brother Phil, with his arm around Wayne. Wayne died this week ending their 60 years of togetherness.Life, Death, Luck,Love My elder brother Phil was born 70 years ago in Detroit, Michigan with a tiny bit of a tag on one chromosome. That, plus a d
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Anam Cara
by John O Donohue
According to Celtic spiritual tradition, the Soul shines all around the body like a luminous cloud. When you are very open, appreciative and trusting with another person, your two souls flow together. This deeply felt bond with another means you have an anam cara, or 'soul friend'. Your anam cara always beholds your light and beauty, and accepts you for who you truly are. The anam cara awakens the fullness and mystery of your life.
Featured Card SoulCards

SoulCards insist that we listen to ourselves. An insightful, guided journey using images.
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