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"Marriage is like an empty bowl. It will remain empty unless you put more into it than you take out. Although it is possible to give without loving, you cannot love without giving."
( Pauline Phillips Friedman )

Charles Richet
Charles Richet
Born: August 26th, 1850.
Physiologist, Educator, Hypnotist.
As a Nobel winner, dedicated pacifist, and metaphysical researcher, Charles studied how living things function. He believed metaphysics deserved to be treated as a science. He coined the term "sixth sense', hypothesized auras (ectoplasm), and studied remote viewing decades ahead of fellow researchers.



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Marguerite Rigoglioso, Ph.D.
It is time for women to reclaim the prophetic tradition.
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SoulCards insist that we listen to ourselves. An insightful, guided journey using images.
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The Answer
Got a Question? We offer a synchronistic answer for whatever burning question is before you.

Moving from Chaos to Clarity in Life & Relationships

Janelle Alex, Ph.D.
CASE NOTES: Moving from Chaos to Clarity in Life & Relationships   w/ Special Forces Guest Alex Bratty Author of Chaos to Clarity Book Description: A must-read for anyone who is in transition, facing major life choices, or feeling frustrate
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The Hidden Connections: A Science for Sustainable
Fritjof Capra

A brilliant summary of current thinking about the nature of life, mind and consciousness, and social reality as an emergent property of social organization seen as a complex adaptive system.

Appying Complexity Theory to Large Scale Social Interaction.
District Slouch Beanie
Samburu Project

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