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March 2nd, 2014

Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable. (William Pollard)
A monthly newsletter focused on human potential, social fulfillment and spiritual actualization.
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Human Communities

by Sean Hinton

We live in a psychological world of image and experience. This is the makeup of our mental life as humans. This means we experience the world sensually and then we talk about this to others (or ourselves) as being “our” experience; we create a relationship to these events through language. So we have images of the sensual (sensation) and what they mean to us (our experience). So talking or sharing is really a two for one mental process. We have the beginnings of community and the creation of our own meaning simply by recollecting (re-collecting) events into experience. I like James Hillman’s term for this as “soul making”, which means this is the stuff, our relationship to events and meaning, which makes our life real and rich. So community starts with communication of events or the sharing of events as experience. Experience is not just events but events, experienced. This fits the wiki-defined community characteristics like intent, belief, interacting, and sharing environment. ...more

Thoughts on a Burning Bowl Ceremony (inspired by the writings of Ralph Metzner)
by Bertita Graebner

This ceremony, performed as a ritual, offers us the opportunity to leave behind something that no longer serves our life. More precisely, it is an act of letting go. The purpose is to release a pattern, belief, emotion or experience that impedes us. We offer our behavior patterns of thought and deed to make room for a new way of being. This ceremony is a request for transformation of something specific we individually wish to let go of, something to be returned to us renewed and in a form that serves and supports our lives in the present. ...more

Sages @ SoulFriends New Release

New Fresh Wild
Annette Wagner

Not Afraid of Anything Inside
Catherine Auman

Chronicling Your Way Towards Catharsis: Writing Through Pain
Lauretta Zucchetti

Look Inside for Life's Answers
Magdalen Bowyer

Law of Attraction
Depends on Action

Faith Freed

What's True Love?
Gail Whipple

Today's Lie: You Don't Have Enough Credibility to Be an Expert
Heather Markel

Setting Goals
That Work for You

Jasmine Briggs

Connecting with our Wildness. Connecting to our Power.
Kristy Sweetland

Can You Tear Up
Without Feeling Sad?

Barbara Lavi

Guidance for Your Day
(whatever day you come upon it!)

Nancy Nicholas

Pay Attention to the 'Nudge'
Lisa Michele Fonseca

Is Being Intuitive
and Connected To Your Soul
Just New Age Crap?

Janelle Alex

Jesus is Not a Religion
Yvonne Clark Serocki

Critical of Your Looks?
Here's a Spiritual Practice for That

Marguerite Rigoglioso
Seven Sisters Mystery School

The World's Great Wisdom
Timeless Teachings from Religions and Philosophies

Roger Walsh, Editor
(read first chapter)

In 1936, T.S. Eliot asked, "Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?" Given our present ontology of information overload, I cannot image a more profound question for our time.  More wisdom does not necessarily follow more knowledge.  "Like the sorcerer's apprentice, humankind now possesses enormous knowledge, awesome power and little wisdom."  What is wisdom? How do we know when we have found it?  This book provides the underpinnings of wisdom, what it means and how to cultivate it, from several great religious traditions, modern research and western philosophy.

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SoulFriends Transformation

Persist or pivot? A popular coaching question these days. It’s really good to ask when taking stock of the present and making plans for the future. Given the new year, I asked that question of SoulFriends ... is it time to persist or pivot?

Presently, we have 10-20 thousand unique visitors each month coming to our web-shore. Based upon the landing pages, it is apparent they often come in search of stories and wisdom to nourish their hearts, minds, and souls.  While we are grateful to have been of service to so many, we have also been impacted by an avalanche of change in the past decade. Ten years ago, bulletin boards were popular, website creation was limited to techies, and linkedin, twitter, facebook, were all newly-launched startups.  Today, both content providers and publishers have grown exponentially on the internet.

Given the profound change in our operating environment, pivot has become a necessary step in the evolution of  It is apparent that we must shift our business model to one which is both achievable and sustainable. 

Over the course of the next month we will be slimming down our website footprint.  The good news is that we will still be publishing great content from our Sages, just less frequently.  We will also continue to publish Sage News, our monthly newsletter, and stay connected on our satellite sites: facebook, twitter and linkedin.

I have watched our SoulFriends’ vision manifest from a humble html page into something the entire SoulFriends community can be proud of. It has been an incredible journey for me personally and after five years at SoulFriends, I am looking forward to engaging in some new adventures as well. Thank you for supporting SoulFriends over the years and we hope you will continue to do so in the future.

Joy Bonham


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