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2014 - September Sage News   
The theme this month is on work.  Spotlight on a special Ted Talk regarding Creative Genius and two short articles: confidence (focusing on the gap for women) and dilemmas of being in business (loose-loose situations). Also, new releases (book and journal) by two favorite Sages.

2014 - August Sage News   
The theme this month is on positive and negative behaviors.  Featured are two short articles on being busy and being lazy, and facing our inner critic. Also included is an article on existential fulfillment (making meaning in our lives). Special features on being vulnerability and being invulnerable.

2014 - July Sage News   
The theme this month focuses on adversity and suffering.  Included is a story of a flicker facing adversity and an article on the blessing of adversity. Also include is a Ted talk on living in a closet and hard conversations; and, the heartbreaking story of a young man caught in a bitter feud.

2014 - June Sage News   
The theme this month is personal ontology - 'how we be'.  Included are articles on our comfort-zone, self-sabotaging behavior, and various levels of human development. Also include is a great Ted Talk on violence against women and a book review on the metaphysical question of nihilism.

2014 - May Sage News   
The theme this month is transformation.  Included is an article by Dr. Rosie on Domains of Awareness and an empowering reflection on the Fear of Transformation by Danaan Parry, a soulfriend of the Earth. Also, a book review on a new faith tradition in America.

2014 - April Sage News   
The theme this month is on community and ceremony.  Included are Bertita Graebner's Burning Bowl Ceremony, the most viewed article on SoulFriends, and Sean Hinton's reflection on Community, a special treat from two leading experts in transpersonal psychology. We also have great blogs from our Sages.

2014 - February Sage News   
The theme this month is on creating oneself anew and tips on letting go.  Featured articles regarding change and leadership. A short reflection on Social Media and Content Marketing and a book on Questions. And as always, great blogs by our Sages.

2014 - January Sage News   
Most View Articles and Blogs in 2013!  Check out our annual listing. Our Sages have provided an incredible amount of wisdom on human development and spiritual growth this year. Two categories of items: new and all-time favorites.

2013 - November/December Newsletter   
Emerging theme this month was on relationships and how-we-be with them.  Steps for reducing stress and anxiety when we're triggered. Also, a helpful list of lists for the holidays: what to say/not say about grief, methods for shifting to self-love, ways to practice gratitude and much more.

2013 - October/November Newsletter   
Emerging theme this month was self reflection.  Great blogs by our Sages on how-we-be, our moods, our emotions, our creativity, and steps for evolving to a better place. Also, a snipit on Servant-Leadership and successful giving.

2013 - September/October Newsletter   
Our theme this month is transformation.  Including a featured article by Sage Laurette Zucchetti for mothers at mid-life. Also featuring books and blogs on getting a clear sense of personal identity and self realization. A special peak at an encyclopedia on the Divine.

2013 - August/September Newsletter   
Article by Lisa Michele Fonseca on Unique Ways of Knowing.  Featuring book reviews on Spiritual Ecology and Elemental. A roundup of our newest blogs from our insightful Sages and Help on our new Social Identity Connection.

2013 - July/August Newsletter   
Article by Stan Grof on Modern Consciousness Research..  Featuring Sage Kristy Sweetland from Santa Fe, a book review by Bertita Graebner on Rosie Kuhn's new book, Dilemmas of Being in Business, and a review of the hot new book Give and Take. Special: top theology sites.

2013 - June/July Newsletter   
A smorgasbord of topics this month.  Featuring Sage Dr. Barbara Lavi and her Wake Up And Dream Challenge; a special thank you from founder Joy Bonham; a review of the book Viral Hate and the movie Trash Dance, plus great blogs by our Sages.

2013 - May/June Newsletter   
The Hero's Journey is our theme this month.  Great article on the Hero and Muse Archetypes by featured Sage Gail Whipple. Exploration of Gen Y ontology, a TED talk on Religion and Babies, and a new book by Sage Eric Maisel.

2013 - April / May Newsletter   
Dr. Rosie Kuhn is our featured Sage this month.  Her article explores the distinction between transformation and change. Included is a book review about life after death and a TED talk on bullying.

2013 - March / April Newsletter   
Is humanity living in contradiction to our emotional way of being?  Great ontological article, by Sage Alan Sieler, on emotions as a perceptual process of human life. Reviews on book: Coaching to the Soul and movie: May I Be Frank. Great new blogs by our Sages on relationships and meeting our desires.

2013 - February / March Newsletter   
Featuring community and where we find it by Sage Karen Erlichman.  Great articles on critical thinking and spiritual progress, inspiring blogs on myths and transformations, all by our SoulSages. Must see/read book reviews and movies and a special SoulFriends outreach event in April.

2013 - January / February Newsletter   
Featuring Sage Faith Freed and her new book IS.  A review of a book on the globalization of God and a great new movie currently winning accolades. Wonderful blogs by new Sages, including a Celtic Priest on the meaning of SoulFriends.

2012 - September/October Newsletter   
Special treat from the Co-Founder of Transpersonal Psychology.  Featured is Dr. Grof's article on conscious evolution for planetary survival. Sage Magdalen Bowyer speaks on the transformation of identity through storytelling and shares her own inspiring story. Great blogs, books, and products for soulfriends!

2012 - August/September Newsletter   
Great material from thought provoking SoulSages.  Dr. Sharon Mijares provides amazing research on the challenges of being a woman in the world. Amazing blogs on transpersonal topics for a fulfilling and rewarding life. Book and movie reviews, and more.

2012 - July/August Newsletter   
Lots of articles and blogs from a host of great coaches and therapists!  Featuring a research article on multiple states of being by Dr. Sean Hinton. We've added a new item - a movie review about Red Dog. Free shipping coupon for SoulFriends Gear!

2012 - June/July Newsletter   
Take advantage of discounts and free advertising in this month's issue.  Dr Sharon Mijares explores the self-absorption present in western mental health therapies and Alfred Adler's theories on social connection as necessary for well-being. Also, Dr Maisel's book, Fearless Creating, and great blogs from our Sages.

2012 - May/June Newsletter   
Now! Double the content; more SoulSage wisdom, more books, etc.  Our new format provides for more enlightening blogs and articles from our professional SoulSages! Plus, therapist and coach, Kirk Akahoshi, explores the quarter-life-crisis, an existential turning-point in the early 20's or 30's.

2012 - April / May Newsletter   
Lots of great articles and blogs by our SoulSages.  In honor of Easter, Dr. Serocki explores imagination and prayer with our Christian SoulFriends. This month’s issue contains great blogs on personal and professional topics, including handling uncertainty and common small business growing pains.

2012 - March / April Newsletter   
Articles by SoulSages, book reviews, and much more.  An exploration of the fire cleansing ritual by Dr. Bertita Graebner. A book review on human bonding; scientific studies say we are hardwired for connection. New SoulSage articles on spirituality in business and the benefits of doing nothing.

2012 - October/November Newsletter   
Featuring our Bull Buster Sage, Heather Markel.  Great book recommendations, moving blogs from Sages, informative articles and exceptional products in this month's edition.

2012 - November/December Newsletter   
Dr. Maisel presents his work on meaning making.  Included are blogs by Sages on creativity, cultivating awareness, and other great topics; free courses on critical thinking, irrational behavior, and more; reviews on books and movies.

2012 - February / March Newsletter   
Articles, SoulSages, website tips, and more!  SoulSage Valerie explores cognitive dissonance and it's role in our lives. Discover why Ben-Shahar’s class is the most popular one on the Harvard campus and how four common archetypes are often present in our lives.

2012 - January / February Newsletter   
An interview with Malidoma Some: Ambassador of the Ancestors.  The important connections we have with our ancestors revealed in an article by SoulSage Virginia Lee, an inspiring book on epiphanies, events coming up in February, and the success of the SOPA strike.

2012 - Year End Newsletter   
Reflecting on 2012 ~ most viewed articles and blogs.  Art takes front stage with Sage Annette Wagner. Super article on making career changes by Sage Valerie Davis-Rucker. Reviews of great books, movie and more.

2011 - Fall Newsletter   
Articles, SoulSages, website tips, and more!  Featured Sage Dr. Rosie Kuhn announces her latest book and Coach Sean Hinton provides his thoughts on transpersonal community.

2011 - Winter Newsletter   
Life enhancement article on Altars for a Spiritual Practice by Yvonne Brock, MA.  Links for great SoulCircle articles on the value of relationships in our lives and a special supplemental on search engine optimization for SoulSages by the webteam.

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