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article Transpersonal - Ontology: Definition and New Field of Inquiry
Sean Hinton PhD, MACP, MBA
The definitions of ontology, transpersonal, and the combination of the two.  Transpersonal – Ontology is the experience of being changed and experiencing the change based on our connection/relation to the transpersonal domain.
article Is It Love?
Faith Freed, MFTI
Love is good, right? So… more love is better?  Have you ever had the feeling that someone loves you too much? What turns us off is not too much love. It is neediness.
article Psychology of the Future: Lessons from Modern Consciousness Research
Dr. Stan Grof
Observations regarding "non-ordinary states of consciousness" or "altered" states.  The primary focus of this research was on experiences that represent a useful source of data about the human psyche and on those that have a healing, transformative, and evolutionary potential.
article Our Overachieving Adolescents: Five Actions Parents Must Take
Lauretta Zucchetti, MA
Addresses the escalating pressure our children face the moment they step foot in high school.  Strategies for parents to help their teenage children navigate the pressures of high school, including healthy coping skills and teaching life/work balance.
article Brushes with Mortality- Five Lessons on Dealing with Hard Times
Rachel Katz, M.A., M.Ed.
Facing mortality and hospice care practices.  As someone with a serious chronic medical condition, I have danced with mortality. Many times. It wasn\'t until our most recent pas de deux, however, that I truly understood just how much this dance could impact me.
article Does the Christian Faith Promote Black/White Thinking?
Joy Bonham, MA
What is "black-and-white" thinking? How is this seen in Christianity?  Black and white thinking is believing that there are only two options or two states of being, black and its polar opposite, white. The gray space between the two poles is either ignored or denied. Fundamentalist Christianity is an example.
article Behind the Masks of Emotionally Distant Men and How to Deal with Them
Lauretta Zucchetti, MA
American men seem to be more emotionally distant than men in other European cultures. The article explores the "why?" of this.  Throngs of women have confessed to feeling neglected by their aloof, workaholic husbands. In our brilliant, beloved country, a significant number of men spend more time and energy on their professions than their personal relationships.
article Tips for Fighting Anxiety
Frederique Georges, MFT, SEP
Twelve techniques to alleviate anxiety.  Staying in the here and now, bringing attention to all five senses, and enlisting your power figures are some of the techniques outlined in this article.
article Is it ADHD? Is it ADD?
Laurie Dupar, PMHNP, RN, PCC, CPCC
Is it ADHD? Is it ADD? What’s the difference?  Explores the symptoms of and differences between ADHD and ADD and its related conditions, including predominantly Inattentive Presentation, and predominantly Hyperactive-Impulsive Presentation.
article How Working on your Business is a Spiritual Path
Catherine Auman, LMFT
The workplace can function as an ideal environment in which you get paid to grow spiritually. In what ways?  There are six areas in which you can grow spiritually while at work, including building real self-esteem, confronting your grandiosity, and being of service to something bigger than yourself.
article Embracing the Gender Divide: Eight Essential Considerations for Families
Lauretta Zucchetti, MA
We’ve heard it time and again: Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. But how true is this sentiment?  The essential differences between men and women that were ingrained in our society long before continue to linger. Imbalance between the genders persists.
article Ontological Learning and Constructivism
Joy Bonham, MA
Exploring the reasons and effects of “…living in a time of great transformation. “  The existential crisis we now find ourselves in is the death of permanence and it requires that we let go of control, order and certainty; the staples of modern man.
article What is our civilization evolving to?
Stephen Hercy
Obesity in America is the number one health threat.  Studies have shown that a child’s risk of obesity greatly increases if one or more parent is overweight or obese. People in the same family tend to have similar eating patterns, maintain the same levels of physical activity…
article Where Do You Find Community?
Karen Erlichman
What is community? How do you find it?  What a rich and potent time to engage others in conversations about community, figure out what’s in your heart, build bridges across difference, and learn to listen…
article Is It Imagination or Is It Prayer?
Yvonne Clark Serocki R.N., Ph.D.
Is it our imagination or is it prayer? It is both! The only condition is that both must arise from the deeper, higher, infinite mind of the heart…  We have two minds. The mind that most are familiar with is the limited mind. It believes in lack, limited resources, disease, divorce and disillusionment… be delivered from the prison of your mind into identification with the unlimited higher mind.
article How to Use Guided Meditations to Awaken and Utilize the Power of Your Mind!
Jessica Ruby Hernandez, M.A.
The benefits and basics of meditation.  If you’re ready to take the first steps toward creating a better life, you may want to find someone to walk you through the basics of meditation.
article Cognitive Dissonance as a Motivating Force
Valerie Davis-Rucker MS, MBA
Are you familiar with the Aesop's fable entitled "The Fox and the Grapes?" It's where the term 'sour grapes' comes from, and a common example of cognitive dissonance  After a few failed attempts to jump up and grab the grapes, the fox gives up, walks away with his nose in the air, convincing himself that he doesn’t want them after all.
article What is the Quarterlife Crisis?
Kirk Akahoshi, MACP
Quarterlife crisis: symptoms, definitions, causes,interventions.  For more than a decade, there has been a sharp increase in the number of individuals in their twenties and thirties who are experiencing an existential crisis. The quarterlife crisis…stems from a lack of personal identity and/or meaningful purpose.
article Miraculous Mondays: Can Our Marriage Be Repaired After An Affair?
Dr Barbara Lavi
Even after years of working in the field, it is still hard to watch couples struggling with the impact of an affair on their marriages.  When (a couple) comes in for therapy after an affair, they are both unsure whether their marriage can be repaired or whether they want to fix it. The goal is to help them discover whether their issues can be resolved…
article Every Choice-Point Grows Leadership
Rosie Kuhn, Ph.D.
Leaders aren't made by titles, position, and prestige; they are made by the choices they make at points in their career...  We’ve put trust in the company we work for to make good choices, which will inevitably bring rewards to us personally and professionally. But what happens when they don’t seem to be making good choices…

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KA Gold Jewelry
Authentic Living
Dara Molloy - Celtic Weddings
Join Us at the New Living Expo - 2014
Center for Hunger-Free Communities

KA Gold Jewelry
Authentic Living
Dara Molloy - Celtic Weddings
Join Us at the New Living Expo - 2014
Center for Hunger-Free Communities

KA Gold Jewelry
Authentic Living
Dara Molloy - Celtic Weddings
Join Us at the New Living Expo - 2014
Center for Hunger-Free Communities
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