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Book Warriors of the Heart
A Handbook for Conflict Resolution Words of wisdom for anyone looking to expand their own self-awareness and live in harmony with the world around them. Includes the the 'parable of the trapeze' (aka. fear of transformation) used to build community and empowerment.

Book A Change of Habit
Patty Ptak Kogutek
Seven Secrets to Guilt-Free Living. After leaving the Catholic Church, and the convent which had been her home for seven years, the author shares her story of confronting destructive patterns (guilt, poverty, obedience), and her journey of transformation to find God within.

Book Epiphany: True Stories of Sudden Insight
Elise Ballard
Life-changing breakthroughs. Inspiring and encouraging stories of personal transformation from some famous and not-so-famous people.

Book Answering the Contemplative Call
Carl McColman
First Steps on the Mystical Path. The mystical path is not a static experience for a select few; it is a quest to find the mysteries of the universe, nestled within the heart of your own soul. Learn how to recognize the call, prepare for the journey and embark on a great adventure.

Book The Big Book of Christian Mysticism
Carl McColman
The Essential Guide to Contemplative Spirituality. This book explores a rich history of Christian mysticism, examining its Biblical roots, its paradoxical nature, and how it has evolved over time. It also considers how mysticism can make a difference in the lives of ordinary Christians today.

Book Claim Your Life
Boni Oian and Emily Sanderson
Transform Your Unwanted Subconscious Beliefs Into an Exhilarating Source of Power! Your beliefs affect every relationship and material possession in your life. This book will help systematically reveal your subconscious beliefs so they can be uprooted and replaced with healthy beliefs that empower you and support change.

Book Wake Up and Dream
Dr Barbara Lavi
The Wake Up And Dream Challenge will show you how to 'dream it forward'. Designed to inspire you with true stories, silence your inner critic, set yourself free from it's restraints an empower you to take control by becoming your own 'dream parent' using the Dream Positioning System to chart your journey to a happier .

Book From Science to God
Peter Russell
The mystery of Consciousness and the meaning of light Sharing a life-long journey into consciousness, Russell arrives at a state of harmony, where science is no longer in conflict with consciousness. The author invites us to take a mega-paradigm shift in our view of the universe and our place in it.

Book The Globalisation of God
Dara Molloy
An in-depth study of the church and its role in the destruction of Celtic spirituality. Exploring monotheism and polytheism in ways some may find challenging, the author illustrates the similarities of monotheism and corporatism, declaring Roman Catholicism the first multinational corporation.

Book ABCs of Spirituality in Business
Dr. Rosie Kuhn
How can we be spiritual in a corporate culture based upon egoic values, rife with greed and judgment? Not all business cultures are dysfunctional but unfortunately too many are. We marshal up survival mechanisms to protect ourselves from the toxicity of our environments and yet, we cannot dismiss our own personal responsibility in supporting them.

Book Ten Zen Seconds
Eric Maisel, PhD
Twelve incantations for purpose, power and calm. Presenting a powerful technique of blending Eastern principles of breath awareness and mindfulness with Western principles of positive psychology; a powerful antidote to stress, procrastination and anxiousness. Simple to grasp, use, practice, master.

Book Coaching the Artist Within
Eric Maisel, PhD
Advice for writers, actors, visual artists,and musicians from America's foremost creativity coach. Contains simple lessons for sustaining a creative life including exercises, questioning, committing, planning and doing, generating mental energy, achieving a centered presence, becoming an anxiety expert, and upholding your dream.

Book Rethinking Depression
Eric Maisel, PhD
How to shed mental health labels and create personal meaning. Is sadness or unhappiness inherent in being human currently being monetized in our culture? Dr. Maisel critiques the sickness model of depression and proposes a liberating one which optimizes our innate ability to create meaning and opportunity.

Book Fearless Creating
Eric Maisel, PhD
Dr. Eric Maisel outlines the stages of the creative process. Explore nurturing your wish to create, choosing your subject, starting your work, working, completing your work, showing and selling your work. Discover anxieties/challenges at each stage, and tactics/strategies for success.

Book The Bond
Lynne McTaggart
Connecting Through the Space Between Us. Scientific studies are showing that what matters is not the isolated entity, but the space between us, the relationship of things and beings to one another.

Book Coaching to the Human Soul
Alan Sieler
Ontological Coaching and Deep Change. This book is a must read for any serious student of Ontological Coaching. It provides comprehensive coverage of what is probably the world's most advanced approach to Executive Coaching and Life Coaching.

Book Deep Coaching
Roxanne Howe-Murphy
Using the enneagram as a catalyst for profound change The book covers the nine Enneagram types, their focus, core beliefs, gifts, coping strategies, where they miss the mark and opportunities for growth. A must have for any serious coach.

Book Holotropic Breathwork
Stanislav Grof & Christina Grof
Holotropic Breathwork. Holotropic Breathwork is a powerful approach to self-exploration and healing that integrates insights from modern consciousness research, anthropology, depth and transpersonal psychologies, Eastern spiritual practices, and mystical traditions.

Book The Long Road Home
Brandon Thompson M.A.
A collection of poems from an open heart. For those on the path of illumination, love and transformation. A poet and scholar shares how to walk both with easy and gentleness.

Book Butterfly Tears
Jennifer Thomas
Stories of inspiration from women who have turned their lives around. Personal stories which give testimony to the transformational power of belief, focus, hard work, support systems and perseverance. Nine women who, against all odds, broke free of destructive cycles to attain love, security, and successful lives.

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