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article What is Transformational Coaching and How Does it Differ from Psychotherapy
Dr. Rosie Kuhn
Coaching? Psychotherapy? How Does One Choose?  Coaching and Therapy are the same. However, I see them working at different ends of the spectrum of human potential, with some overlap in the middle. The biggest difference is that coaching requires the client to take action – practicing new thinking
article Life on a Trellis: Spiritual Beliefs as a Support for Spiritual Life
Bill Epperly, PhD
We humans are built for growth, designed to change over time and in response to changing conditions.  With change and growth written into our nature at the genetic level, shouldn’t our spiritual lives also be places of lifelong growth, deepening, and development? Yes! But sadly, it’s not always the case.
article What do depression, apathy and self-pity have in common?
Magdalen Bowyer, MA, RPC, CEC
Blame. Blame tells us we’re innocent and it’s somebody else’s fault.  Playing blame allows us to stay small even though we think we’re playing big. To release blame, we only have to step fully into our lives and own everything that has brought us to this moment in time.
article Spiritual Bypass
Catherine Auman, LMFT
How not working on your stuff can stunt your spiritual growth.  Failing to discriminate between pseudo-spirituality and true inner transformation, we can get lost for years or life times.
article Dilemmas of Being in Business #1: Good Choice, Disappointing Outcome
Rosie Kuhn, Ph.D.
Madeleine has recently been hired as the financial manager for an international corporation. She is overwhelmed...  The human aspect of each of us that fears for our job, our reputation, our respect and trust, is coughing out strategies, trying to put out fires as quickly as possible so as not to be found out as incompetent and replaceable.
article The Spiritual Cure for Loneliness
CatherineAuman, LMFT
Loneliness is on the rise.  A recent study showed that almost a quarter of people today are plagued by frequent loneliness, regardless of gender, race, or education levels.
article Pain: Why Don't We Let It Go?
Deborah Cluff, PhD
We humans have come up with myriad ways to avoid feeling emotional pain...  It is quite ironic that, in practice, I sometimes witness resistance when it comes to letting go of the very pain one tries to evade.
article Symptoms
Yvonne Clark Serocki R.N., Ph.D.
Although they are painful, symptoms are your friend.  The root cause of all symptoms is separation from God and usually has traumatic childhood roots or generational inheritance of emotional, psychological or spiritual issues.
article Inner and Outer Peace
Karen Erlichman, MSS, LCSW
Our inner and outer lives are in constant connection.  We have a moral duty to be peacemakers.
article When in Doubt, Blame Your Parents
Catherine Auman, LMFT
Relationships with parents are often difficulty. This article explores how we show up, our ontology, in our parental relationships.  When in doubt…” was a slogan on a card I received that I’ve never thrown out because it makes me laugh every time I see it. That would be an easy out, right?
article The Confidence Trap: Courting Power vs. Creating Equality
Gail Whipple, MA
Do women play by the rules, to their own disadvantage?  Women routinely underestimate both their abilities and performance. Gail reviews a new article on the Confidence Gap between men and women.
article Dilemmas of Being in Business
Dr. Rosie Kuhn
How you choose to balance and prioritize in your work is based on your hierarchy of commitments.  The intention of this series is to introduce you to a way of thinking that empowers you to see more clearly how you choose to choose what you choose in regard to the work you do…
article Life Chaser vs. Life Avoider: Why Do We Do that?
Jessica Ruby, MA
Life-Avoiders, Life-Chasers...where are you on the continuum?  Some people spend their time, money, and energy trying to feel more alive…others spend their time, money, and energy on trying to avoid feeling alive.
article Premature Forgiveness: Can You Forgive Too Soon?
Catherine Auman, LMFT
Many people who come to see me announce that they have already forgiven the people who hurt them, so the work is done.  To truly get to a state of forgiveness, you must first fully experience the feelings associated with the betrayal or abuse.
article Busy vs. Lazy: Why Do We Do That?
Jessica Ruby, MA
Let’s explore some of the common ways people sabotage themselves,  Sometimes we’re afraid that we won’t like what we discover about ourselves. The good news is that usually our worst fears are not actually our sincere truths.
article Unleash Your Inner Muse: The Key to Enhanced Creativity
Lauretta Zucchetti, MA
Suggestions on how to boost our creativity abound.  How can we quiet the mind so that it can make new, innovative noise? The answer is simple: Meditation.
article The Ultimate Immune System
Magdalen Bowyer
Trust you.  To know you can trust your inner world and all the signals it gives you in every moment of every day is the ultimate immune system.
article Taking Today’s Women Prophets Seriously
Marguerite Rigoglioso, Ph.D.
It is time for women to reclaim the prophetic tradition.  We must accept that there is information accessible through means other than the five senses…
article Seven Tips for Quieting Your Inner Critic
Lauretta Zucchetti, MA
It never leaves me most inner, most critical voice...  My inner critic is as extolling as a slave owner, as haughty as a prima donna, as incessant in its screaming as a broken record.
article Hoarders Who Think They’re Just Collectors: What is the Difference?
Joan Jerkovich, BCC
Is it collecting? Or is it hoarding?  Hoarders and collectors gather very different items around them; their relationships to their things differ, as well.

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