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    Ambassador of the Ancestors
    Malidoma Somé shares a mystical journey inspired by his African ancestors

    by Virginia Lee
    for Common Ground Fall 1996

    CG: Your name, Malidoma, means "to befriend the stranger and the enemy," a destiny which was given to you at birth. Would you tell the story of how you discovered your purpose in life and how you have fulfilled your destiny ?

    MS: One's purpose in life, from a tribal perspective, is not really "discovered" by the individual as modern language seems to indicate. Instead, in the Dagara tribe where I come from, one's individual purpose is something that is already set prior to birth. And it is the task of the living to discover the purpose of an incoming ...
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    An interview with intuitive healer, Caroline Myss

    for Common Ground Winter 1997

    by Virginia Lee

    Caroline Myss has been many things in her life: a publisher, an historian, a theologian, a writer, a healer. Of all her careers, the most unusual has been that of a medical intuitive.

    In 1982, Caroline was consumed by her career at Stillpoint as a publisher of avant-garde books. Ironically, Caroline had an aversion to anything New Age in her personal life. She drank gallons of coffee, and hated wind chimes and crystals. Yet she began to experience medical clairvoyance: Just by hearing a person's name and their age, she would receive images in her mind's eye diagnosing their illness.

    When Caroline met Dr. Norm Shealy, a unique
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    The Eternal Quest for the Grail

    An Interview with Jean Shinoda Bolen

    for Common Ground Fall ‘94

    by Virginia Lee

    One of the foremost pioneers of feminist psychology, Jean Shinoda Bolen distinguished herself ten years ago with her groundbreaking book, Goddesses in Everywoman. Published in 1984, it was one of the first books that inspired women to look within to discover their divine archetypes: Aphrodite (love goddess), Artemis (free spirit), Demeter (earth mother), Minerva (warrior woman), and Hera (devoted wife & mother). Since then, Dr. Bolen has written its sequel, Gods in Everyman (which is equally valuable to the men’s movement), and Ring of Power.

    Initially trained as a Jungian analyst, Dr. Bolen reaches beyond
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    Making a Difference: One Woman, One Tree and One World

    for Common Ground Summer 2002

    by Virginia Lee

    Julia Butterfly Hill is one of those naturally charismatic people who life just happens to. A woman who is dedicated to living every moment of every day to its utmost fullest, she exudes a powerful energy, a passion for the truth that defied the Pacific Lumber Company until they recognized the error of their ways. Through her heroic efforts of living in a 200-foot redwood tree named Luna for 738 days, this majestic old-growth redwood and the forest around it was saved.

    Her story is one reminiscent of David and Goliath out of the Bible, and well documented in her mesmerizing autobiography The Legacy of Luna (2000, Harper San Francisco).
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    Fire in the Belly

    for Common Ground Summer 1994

    by Virginia Lee

    Sam Keen is a prolific author who has written no less than thirteen books about what it means to be human in the 20th century. An advocate of what he calls “autobiographical philosophy,” Keen believes that it’s possible to read the underlying currents of our times simply by understanding your own psyche. According to Keen, we are all living holograms, and can find answers to the deep questions of life simply by telling our own stories.

    Sam Keen is so well educated, it has taken tremendous effort to “unlearn” some of the attitudes ingrained by his extensive academic training. With degrees from Harvard Divinity School, and a doctorate from Princeton University, he was a
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    A Tibetan master translates ancient wisdom into modern words

    for Common Ground Summer 1993

    by Virginia Lee

    When Common Ground asked me to interview the Tibetan exile and master scholar Sogyal Rinpoche about his bestseller, The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, I had to admit I’d never even heard of him. Within two days, a copy of the book was on my doorstep. And later that night I got a phone call from my brother saying that our father was in the hospital and had just been diagnosed with cancer—again.

    Having had six months to live for eleven years, Dad has been in and out of remission three times, and has become rather adept at his dance with death. We all have. But this time was different. An undying love for his wife, nurse and
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    Dr. Brian Weiss: The psychiatrist who explores past lives

    for Common Ground Spring 1999

    by Virginia Lee

    Schooled in the prestigious Ivy League universities of Columbia and Yale, esteemed as the chairman of the psychiatry department at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach, Florida, the last thing Dr. Brian Weiss ever thought he would write a best-selling book about was reincarnation.

    But one day in 1980, Brian Weiss met the patient he couldn't treat with traditional psychotherapy and together they embarked on a journey of past-life hypnotic regression that changed both their lives. That was nearly 20 years ago, and the book, Many Lives, Many Masters (1988), became an instant bestseller, catapulting Weiss into the limelight.
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    An Interview with Dr. Bernie Siegel

    for Common Ground Winter 1996

    by Virginia Lee

    This interview is a miracle in itself. When I received the assignment to interview Dr. Bernie Siegel, an accomplished East Coast surgeon and author of the bestseller Love, Medicine and Miracles, (and later Peace, Love and Healing and How to Live Between Office Visits), I thought it would go smoothly as usual, like the countless interviews I've done since 1978 when I began my career in new age journalism.

    But after my initial interview with Dr. Siegel in mid-October 1995, my worst nightmare came true. After 90 minutes of brilliant conversation full of insight, quotes and anecdotes, I discovered that not a single word of it was recorded on tape.
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    Exploring the Mystery of Human Consciousness

    An Interview with Jean Houston

    for Common Ground (Winter ‘94)

    by Virginia Lee

    More than a cultural historian, more than a transpersonal psychologist, Jean Houston is one of the foremost pioneers on the frontier of human consciousness to live in the 20th century. Simultaneously, Jean Houston is heir to the traditions established by anthropologist Margaret Mead, philosopher Teilhard de Chardin, and archetypal psychologist Carl Jung. She was also one of the first to conduct clinical LSD research in the 1960s.

    The prolific wealth of Houston's writing includes 12 books which capture the full spectrum of her life's work, including The Varieties of Psychedelic Experience, Mind Games, The
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    In a Personalities class I took while getting my master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, I was asked to answer the following question based on our reading: Are we a composite of different "masks,"or is there a real "you" underneath the masks? This was my response, and how I relate it to coaching.

    The short answer is yes to both. We’re a composite of different masks, or personas, and, there’s a real you, or authentic self, underneath. Some masks may reflect that true self accurately, and others may not. This is something we want to distinguish in coaching because it is empowering.

    Carl Jung is noted for what he calls archetypes, or emotional symbols or images common to all people (i.e. the hero, the wise old man, the trickster... read more
    valerie 03-15-2014, 01:39 PM
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    Some Thoughts on Human Communities

    I was talking to someone about community and in collecting my thoughts around this subject I find it is one of those concepts for which we all have a sense of what it means, but it still defies definition.

    Here is what Wikipedia says;
    “In biological terms, a community is a group of interacting organisms sharing a populated environment. In human communities, intent, belief, resources, preferences, needs, risks, and a number of other conditions may be present and common, affecting the identity of the participants and their degree of cohesiveness.

    In sociology, the concept of community has led to significant debate, and sociologists are yet to reach agreement on a definition of the term. There were ninety-four discrete definitions of the
    ... read more
    shinton 02-28-2014, 04:36 PM

    Miraculous Mondays: Can Our Marriage Be Repaired After An Affair?

    Thought for the Day: Even after years of working in the field, it is still hard to watch couples struggling with the impact of an affair on their marriages. The sense of betrayal, loss of trust, hurt and anger are unavoidable emotions for the person whose spouse has cheated. The guilt, remorse and self-deprecation of the transgressor also go with the territory. When they come in for therapy after an affair, they are both unsure whether their marriage can be repaired or whether they want to fix it. After I hear what has transpired and get a history of their relationship, here's what I tell them before starting in couples therapy, based on what I have learned from working with couples who have been in their shoes.

    I do not know whether they will be able to repair... read more

    Every Choice-Point Grows Leadership

    Leaders aren’t made by titles, position, and prestige; they are made by the choices they make at points in their career, which in the moment seem to have nothing to do with becoming a leader. It has only to do with current situations throwing curve balls in their direction, requiring them to make choices that are in the highest good of the company and in their own highest good as well.

    Let’s say that the company you work for is challenged on many fronts. They are not fulfilling agreements made, which initially enticed you to join the organization. You still believe in the product and service, but no longer trust the competence of the leaders to generate what’s required for success to be yours. Given the current state of the situation, you feel powerless to make a difference for... read more


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    What is the Quarterlife Crisis?

    A Psychological Framework of the Phenomenon

    For more than a decade, there has been a sharp increase in the number of individuals in their twenties and thirties who are experiencing an existential crisis. They have reported feeling extreme anxiety and confusion about their life.
    Common symptoms include:
    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Questioning the deeper meaning of life
    • Not being clear about their adult identity
    • Wanting a sense of purpose

    I define the quarterlife crisis as an existential crisis that is experienced by individuals in early adulthood. The quarterlife crisis is not an early midlife crisis. A person facing his or her own mortality usually triggers a midlife crisis.... read more
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