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  • $20 for a single month

  • $100 for a term of 6 months

  • Over 20,000 visitors a month
We provide advertising opportunities for organizations and individuals with an affinity and strong sense of alignment with SoulFriends' mission and vision. Sponsor adverts are showcased in the right column on the home page and many other locations, providing a direct-click-link to your website.

Getting started is EASY!
  • Payment can be made through PayPal.
  • After making payment, email us your image.
  • Your advert will appear on the website within 24 hrs (if approved).
  • Image must be (w=150px, h=125px; jpg/gif/png).

  • If you have questions you can reach us by email or using the contact page.
    Phone (855-sfriend) to leave a message and we'll return your call.

  • Sign up now for an unbelievable low rate.
  • Promotional discounts are sometimes offered in our newsletter.
  • Grow with us! We will honor your join rate for two years!
  • SoulFriends will post a 90-day advert for 501c Organizations  for FREE!
  • Organization's mission must support human potential, social fulfillment and/or spiritual actualization.
  • Intuitives-for-Hire (Psychics and Healers): After careful consideration, we have adopted a policy of not advertising intuitive-for-hire services. By this we do not mean to negate or diminish anyone's authentic expression of these gifts in the service of others. There are truly gifted intuitives in the world for which the veil is thin. Unfortunately, we have encounter situations in which intuitive readings have been used to deceive. For these reasons, we recommend that intuitives-for-hire use other platforms to market their services.
    (For further information please visit the WhatsTheHarm website. )
  • Advertising is a privilege granted at the discretion of the SoulFriends staff and may be revoked at any time for unbecoming conduct.
  • If we believe your advertisement is inappropriate for our audience, we will refund your payment in full.
  • Because Sponsors are opting to advertise and be featured on the SoulFriends home page, any contact information you provide for your organization under this type of membership will be publicly viewable to both visitors and other site members.
  • You may view our complete Privacy Policy.

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