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Transpersonal Ontology

Ontology is the philosophical study of the nature of being; from Greek 'ov or on', which means "of that which exists", and λογίà or -logia which means "science, study, or theory".

Ontology is loosely defined as the inquiry into being or into that which has distinct existence. Psychologically, this relates to the study of states of being and methods for categorizing or understanding them. Ontology also explores reality and various belief systems. It is theologically neutral.

Transpersonal Psychology is a field of study which has often been referred to as the 'fourth wave of psychology'. It is concerned with the transpersonal, self-transcendent and spiritual domains of the human experience. While recognizing the importance of a spiritual dimension of psyche, transpersonal psychology does not promote religious idealism.

The transpersonal can best be defined as those states of human consciousness or processes which include experiencing a deeper sense of ...
  • who we are
  • a greater sense of connectedness with others
  • a greater sense of connectedness to nature or to spiritual dimensions

Transpersonal Ontology seeks to understand the experience of being changed. It seeks to understand how that change is influenced by our connection to the transpersonal domains. It also includes conscious awareness of all aspects of the transpersonal experience.

States of consciousness do not just change how we think about things, they also change how we experience our world.  In other words, our "state" of being is changed and the 'lens' from which we view the world also changes.

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