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"The free thinking of one age
is the common sense of the next."

( Matthew Arnold, 1888 )

Fritz Perls
Fritz Perls
Born: June 8th, 1893,
Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist.

Fritz was co-founder of Gestalt therapy which focused on enhanced self-awareness of somatic experiences (feelings, emotions, perceptions) regarding behavior and relationships, emphasizing that we are more than the sum of our parts. He embraced Zen while living at Esalen and the experience of brief awakenings as part of his practice.



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Seven Secrets to Guilt-Free Living.
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Got Anxiety?

Jessica Hernandez, MA, LMFT
With all that's going on in our world lately, I'd be more surprised if you didn't feel anything. If you have anxiety right now, you are not alone! The entire world is in "fight-flight-freeze" mode as uncertainty and primal fears of survival...
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Got a Question? We offer a synchronistic answer for whatever burning question is before you.
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