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What do depression, apathy and self-pity have in common?
Magdalen Bowyer, MA, RPC, CEC


What is blame?

Blame tells us we’re innocent and it’s somebody else’s fault. Playing blame allows us to stay small even though we think we’re playing big.

We are here to learn how to use our creative power … to change energy into form … to bring the invisible into the visible. And blame subverts that power.

The path of wellness is not through hard work. The path of wellness is through feeling good. And nothing about blame feels good unless we’re addicted to the negative energy that blame generates.

To release blame, we only have to step fully into our lives and own everything that has brought us to this moment in time. This doesn’t mean it hasn’t been difficult, that we haven’t lived something that was unfair or unjust or unkind. It simply means we choose to no longer give our life energy to the Blame Story we’ve been telling ourselves and others for too long.

Release blame and life changes.

Change can be intimidating and scary. Not because we’re afraid of change, although we might feel we are. Generally, what we’re more afraid of is the loss the change will incur … even if it means losing the negative energy we’re addicted to! So, we accept not feeling good because we fear what we might lose if we allow ourselves to get to a better feeling place. Isn’t that just crazy?

Nothing changes until the pain of the current situation is greater than the fear of facing what needs to change.

Emotion is an expression of our energy, the “vibe” we give off. And emotion must be processed. Energy has to manifest into matter. It is a Law of the Universe we live in. Emotional energy will always produce something.

We don’t create through action, we create through vibration. In the Right Vibration, we get an insight or an intuition from which we act. Blame is not the vibe we want to be living in if we’re serious about living an empowered life.

Release blame! And remember this: there is always an open channel to your soul’s wisdom.

Copyrighted. Magdalen Bowyer. All rights reserved.

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