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Self-Empowerment 101
Rosie Kuhn, Ph.D.

Top Five Principles to Self-Empowerment

1) We are always self-empowering whether we choose risky business or staying small. It’s in the choice making process that we empower ourselves to choose what we choose.

2) We are usually conflicted between two commitments: What we say we want and what we really want, which is safety, security and stability. Being conscious of this dilemma can empower us to choose to choose more intentionally the actions we need to take to support our desired results.

3) We just have to want what we say we want enough to make it happen. Wanting it enough will have us choose to choose what we need to choose in support of our want – one step at a time!

4) Self-empowerment exercises the muscles that get us what we have. Each of us has what we currently have because we exercised the choice-making muscles in a particular way to have our reality show up the way it does. Noticing how we use our choice-making muscles empowers us to choose with intention.

5) Being at choice allows us to empower ourselves to be in service to our highest truth and highest good.

Top Five blocks to Self-Empowerment and the Internal Conversations that We Carry with Us.
1) Fear of what people might find out or decide about me; “They’ll find out I’m a fraud, that I don’t have what it takes.”

2) Fear of Failure: “If I fail – I’ll be rejected, ridiculed, abandoned or annihilated.”

3) Fear of Success: “I won’t know how to be successful; I won’t know how to deal with the responsibility that comes with success; People will use me and my success.”

4) Fear of loss: “I don’t want to lose what I have now”

5) Fear of the unknown: “I don’t know how to be me!”
As you can see, until we notice that we are choosing to choose to live in fear we are controlled and limited by these internal conversations. Truly, there is no failing. The commitment to choose to choose choices that lead us away from success is enough to override our commitment to success itself. We become successful at failing.

Activating Personal Power, a 14 week online course, on, empowers you to distinguish and demystify concepts of success, failure and power. Diminishing their control over you allows you to be in a different and more fulfilling relationship with them than you may have ever thought possible. You learn to use your own personal power to be at choice about everything! If you aren't addressing these fundamental beliefs and interpretations then you are empowering yourself to undermine your full potential for success.

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